The Secure Connectivity and Messaging Service in the Cloud

Service Bus provides secure messaging and connectivity capabilities that enable building distributed and disconnected applications in the cloud, as well as hybrid applications across both on-premise and the cloud. It enables using various communication and messaging protocols and patterns, and saves the need for the developer to worry about delivery assurance, reliable messaging and scale.

Service Bus is publicly available in Production for paying customers at

Getting Started with Service Bus

The Windows Azure Service Bus is now available in production. This is the biggest feature update in the production environment since the service launched in January 2010 introducing enhancements to the Service Bus that improve pub/sub messaging by supporting features such as Queues, Topics and Subscriptions, and Rules.

Download the Service Bus SDK

Before you can compile and run the samples, you need the Windows Azure Service Bus SDK September 2011 Update.

Get Started with the Service Bus Samples

We're using CodePlex to help get more samples, tools and utilities out into your hands early and often - why not:

Learn with Service Bus Resources

You can use the following resources to learn more about this release and provide feedback:

Also, check out these great videos from the //BUILD conference:

Get to Know the Team

Following some of these folks will help you keep up to date with what we're up to:

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